Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel barred from moving to the U.S., though his wife is an American citizen

What a BUNCH of BULL!!!! You let MooseLimbs in who are and Army to terrorize us, I’d rather have a man who would make a great American!

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Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel apparently wanted to move to the United States from Germany. (I say apparently because the decision on which I’m reporting, just posted on Westlaw but decided March 31 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Administrative Appeals Office, referred only to one E.C.Z., but both the initials and the facts described in the decision fit Zundel and likely no one else.) He would normally get an immigrant visa, because his wife of 16 years — who is about 80 years old — is a U.S. citizen. But he was classified as inadmissible because he has been convicted of foreign crimes for which the sentence was five years or more:

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Holocaust denier poised to claim GOP nomination in Illinois race for Congress

He’ get my vote!!!!

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Arthur Jones — an outspoken Holocaust denier, activist anti-Semite and white supremacist — is poised to become the Republican nominee for an Illinois congressional seat representing parts of Chicago and nearby suburbs.

“Well first of all, I’m running for Congress not the chancellor of Germany. All right. To me the Holocaust is what I said it is: It’s an international extortion racket,” Jones told the Chicago Sun-Times.


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Nigerian man allegedly killed and cut into pieces 18 years old girl

I like what the cartel does, death by a few good cut,s stake you out and let the Buzzards have at ti!

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Pamela, an 18 years old girl, had been missing for days. The mother denounced her disappearance to the police which had been looking for her until a driver found 2 abandoned bags by the side of a road, bags that when investigated where found to be containing the body of a young woman cut into pieces, perfectly clean. A truly horrible story in the small town of Pollenza, nearby Macerata.


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Remember The 14 Words


(The “debate” is based upon actual quotes arranged mostly in chronological order)

Compiled by Mike King

* A skeptical reader might suspect that the quotes below were cherry-picked out of context and arranged for propaganda purposes. This is an understandable, though mistaken suspicion. We therefore invite you, after ‘the debate’, to also read ‘The British Mad Dog’ and ‘The Bad War’ . Both works (available at Amazon or here as pdfs) will provide a full and truthful explanation of Hitler, Churchill and World War II.

Prime Minister Churchill. We begin with you…


We cannot tell whether Hitler will be the man who will once again let loose upon the world another war in which civilization will irretrievably succumb… It is on this mystery of the future that history will pronounce Hitler either a monster or a hero.

Nov., 1935


I appeal to…

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